Introducing Text Messaging


PMI Metrolina is offering you another way to get the most important  news and information, right to your phone.

By signing up for our text alerts, you’ll hear directly from our chapter about key events that you are interested in. We hope you find our text messages a convenient way to stay updated.

Because we know your time is valuable, we’ll limit the number of texts we’re sending (except where listed, we anticipate about one message per month per topic that you sign up for). Message and data rates may apply. Once you start receiving texts from PMI Metrolina , reply “HELP” if you need help and someone from PMI Metrolina will get back to you. Reply “STOP” to cancel. You can also text “STOP” to 1-833-494-0673 to opt-out at any time.

Sign Up For Text Messaging

There are two options to sign up for text messaging:

1) Fill out the form at the bottom of this page

2) Follow the instructions below

To sign up for a topic listed below simply text the keyword (in bold below) to our toll-free number 1-833-494-0673. 

  • all - receive all of a text message on all of the items listed below (about 8 messages per month)
  • community - receive a text message two days before each community meeting (about 5 messages per month)
  • specialevents - receive a text message when special events are added our events page or offered by our partners
  • discounts - receive a text message about special discounts with our partners
  • pdusat - receive a text message about PMI Metrolina Saturday PDU events (quarterly message)
  • military - receive a text message about PMI Metrolina military events
  • agilecert - receive a text message when Agile certification courses are being offered 
  • bacert - receive a text message when Business Analyst certification courses are being offered
  • pmpcert - receive a text message when PMP certification courses are being offered
  • corp - receive a text message when our partners are offering discounts for your place of employment

Press ENTER after you enter the data into the form below