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IIBA Collaboration- "Agile Estimation: When will you be done?; Talking to Leaders and Managers About Agile Construction". Speaker: Ryland Leyton, CBAP, PMP, CSM, SPC4, East Region (Willington & Jacksonville)


Topic: "IIBA Collaboration" Speaker:Agile Estimation: When will you be done?; Talking to Leaders and Managers About Agile Construction"

Presentation Description: Answering “when will you be done?” to people outside the team – like the C-suite, directors, and managers – is often challenging for teams focused on building software. Speaking to this group is a core competency for any agilist who wants to retain freedom and funding! This session takes a brief walk through the concept of velocity, explains the “cone of uncertainty,” burn up and burn down charts, and then shows you how to provide a ready and truthful answer about when you will be done.

Learning Objectves:

Understand common agile planning concepts such as team capacity, velocity, burn up and burn down charts, uncertainty, and range estimation

  • Understand the cone of uncertainty as applied to burn up charts
  • Understand at a high level fixed-date and fixed- feature release planning
  • Understand how to translate agile planning concepts into business-accessible answers


Presenter: Ryland Leyton, CBAP, PMP, CSM, SPC4

Presenter Bio:

Ryland Leyton, CBAP, PMP, CSM, SPC4, [www.RylandLeyton.com] is a business analyst, author, speaker, educator, Agile coach, and technology translator. He has worked in the technology sector since 1998, starting off with database and web programming, gradually moving through project management and finding his passion in the BA and Agile fields. Ryland is passionate about strong analysis practice and prefers Agile environments where possible. He has built both Agile and waterfall SDLC processes for development teams, customizing each one to the challenges facing that particular client group. Ryland is part of the core team that wrote the Second Edition of the Agile Extension to the BABOK, and the Agile Analysis Certification exam. He is a Senior Business Analyst at Cognizant. His books, "The Agile Business Analyst: Moving From Waterfall to Agile"; Link to the book here and "About Your Career: Skills For A Lifetime Of Loving Your Work" Link to the book here have been well received in the professional community. Connect with Ryland on LinkedIn: Link to Ryland's profile

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Type of category: Wilmington

Type of activity: Leadership

Date: September 28th, 2021

Hour: 18:00 to 19:00

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