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"From Project to Autonomous Teams – the Journey" Speaker: Leslie Lowman North Region (Cabarrus & Huntersville)

Strategic Business Management

Teams are defined in many different ways in organizations. The traditional term that is used is “Project Teams” but there is a current movement towards “Autonomous Teams”, but what does that mean? Teams go through a journey from the concept of being a Project Team through various levels of self-sufficiency to get to an autonomous team. Let’s walk through what characteristics there are of each level and the move from one to the other. At the end of this session, you will walk away understanding the characteristics and the journey teams and their members take to move from project teams to autonomous teams.

Leslie Lowman, ICP-ENT, ICP-CAT, PMI-ACP

Bio: Leslie Lowman is someone that is accomplished in both training and coaching individuals, teams, and organizations in the ways of Agile. As she often states during training and coaching, “Agile is a journey that may have bumps and dips in the road, but it is a challenge for all of us to ensure the bumps and dips don’t define our failure”. Based on this thought, Leslie uses her leadership and coaching skills to help others understand not only how to transform themselves to be more Agile, but to coach them to lead others in an Agile way as well. Leslie is an IT professional that has had a number of years of experience in using XP (Extreme Programming), Lean, Scrum, and Kanban methodologies in development and implementation to ensure the best quality product for the customer and continues to help guide teams and organizations to using these methodologies to satisfy their customer. Leslie’s background includes most all ‘hats’ of IT, including developer, designer, project manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, and coach. She has great experience in web-based technologies, system integration, compliance integration, design and development of new systems, as well as, customization and implementation of off-the-shelf packages. Leslie’s industry experience centers around real estate and financial, including from Fortune 100 companies to firms of less than 20 people. Leslie has helped teams and organizations be successful in transforming to being more Agile and using the various methodologies that Agile defines.

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It is no longer possible to register for this event


Type of category: Cabarrus County

Type of activity: Strategic Business Management

Date: June 17th, 2021

Hour: 18:00 to 19:00

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