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North Region (Cabarrus & Huntersville) Virtual Meeting - "The Art and Science of Influence" Speaker: David Mantica

Strategic Business Management

Topic: The Art and Science of Influence

Presentation Description: As organizations flatten to meet the dramatic impacts that disruption and change are having on business, the dynamics of influence are changing rapidly. The old concept of managing up and managing down is being replaced by executing and engaging horizontally throughout the entire organization. To become effective, you must show you can get things done while navigating the complexities brought by flat organizations.

Flat organizations might at first seem simple to work within. But the reality is much different. Flat organizations can bring more politics and roadblocks as the number of people involved in a decision increase. When you democratize the decision making in an organization, things will slow down and there will
be some level of dysfunction. This presentation will explain why organizations have started to flatten and how professionals can successfully navigate any organization type. We will discuss matrix, command and control, and bottom up influence. Then we will look at the psychology of organizational behavior in order to highlight the key professional skills required to execute as well as give real-world examples to show different pathways to execution.

Learning Objective / Outcomes: 

  1. Professionals skills required to be a strong influencer
  2. Basics of matrix, command and control and self-organized system
  3. Power basis options and influence
  4. High level look at organizational psychology impacting influencers
  5. What happens to "bad" or manipulative Influencers, staying away from the "strategy person" trap

Tips and techniques to be an executing Influencer

Presenter: David Mantica, SoftEd


Presenter Bio: David has 25 years of business-to-business services, consulting, coaching, and training industry experience in roles from operations, service delivery, marketing, product management and executive management. Just recently he successfully sold his business-to-business training firm having taken it from $1.2m to $13m in seven years all done organically. Currently David is current the VP and General Manager for SoftEd US, a leading provider of transformational training services, working to support companies embrace agile methods for achieving business results.

Along with his work at SoftEd, David provides business owner coaching services to several companies in the Raleigh-Durham area through DTM Services. He also provides pro bono career coaching services and presentations to individuals and organizations throughout the US.

It is no longer possible to register for this event

It is no longer possible to register for this event


Type of category: Cabarrus County

Type of activity: Strategic Business Management

Date: January 21st, 2021

Hour: 18:00 to 19:00

Number of PDUs: 1


Members: Free

Non members: $20.00

Students: $10.00