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"Emotional Intelligence: Why EQ Trumps IQ for Career Advancement" Speaker: David Mantica, West Region (Asheville & Fayetteville) Virtual Meeting

Business Acumen

Topic: Emotional Intelligence: Why EQ Trumps IQ for Career Advancement

Presentation Description: 

Real-World Emotional Intelligence 

You may be familiar with IQ, which measures your cognitive intelligence.  But has anyone asked you about your EQ or Emotional quotient?  What is EQ?  Simply put EQ, which is driven by your emotional intelligence, is your awareness of your actions and feelings, including how they impact the people around you. 

Being emotionally intelligent means you understand the cause and effect of your actions and words.  You understand what the impact of “being you” has on individuals and groups and you understand how to read others’ emotions and actions and work within their emotional limits.  The key to remember is you can never change someone, but you can change and adjust yourself.  Emotional Intelligences is about how to change and adjust yourself and includes these attributes: 

  • Respecting others 
  • Listening to others 
  • Empathizing with others 
  • Identifying with others  

Knowledge worker, especially SDLC workers, do their work in teams.  Teams are filled with “others”.  Your ability to work with those “others” determines what you get done, how fast you get it done and how much value you deliver.  If you have a high EQ, you get things done fast with minimal impact on the organization while providing high value. 

Learning Objective / Outcomes: 

  • The meaning of emotional intelligence 
  • Distinguish the differences between EQ and IQ 
  • Identify emotional hot buttons 
  • Determine which emotional intelligence competencies to improve when work with others 
  • Detect the sings of emotional outburst in others 

 Presenter: David Mantica, SoftEd


Presenter Bio: David has 25 years of business-to-business services, consulting, coaching, and training industry experience in roles from operations, service delivery, marketing, product management and executive management. Just recently he successfully sold his business-to-business training firm having taken it from $1.2m to $13m in seven years all done organically. Currently David is current the VP and General Manager for SoftEd US, a leading provider of transformational training services, working to support companies embrace agile methods for achieving business results.

Along with his work at SoftEd, David provides business owner coaching services to several companies in the Raleigh-Durham area through DTM Services. He also provides pro bono career coaching services and presentations to individuals and organizations throughout the US.

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It is no longer possible to register for this event


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Date: January 26th, 2022

Hour: 6:00PM to 7:00PM

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