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PMI Metrolina 2020 Mentorship Program


Sometimes you just need a person that is in your corner that can show you a different perspective.

Or maybe you are a person who likes to help others achieve their goals. Does either of those sound like you?  If so, join our 2020 PMI Metrolina Mentorship Program.

PMI Metrolina Mentorship Program seeks to create an enriching environment where a mentor and mentee can mutually benefit through the sharing of career experiences, education, and wisdom to promote career and personal advancement.

Here are a few of the minimum qualifications for each applicant type:


  • Must be a member of PMI-Metrolina in good standing.
  • Must have an active PMI credential or in the process of earning one.
  • Must be willing to provide leadership, guidance, and actionable skills related to the project management profession in a specific industry or across industries.
  • Must be a compassionate servant leader who can provide encouragement, understanding, and an environment where goals, ideas, or even frustrations can be discussed in a friendly setting. Conversation between experienced professionals.


  • Must be a member of PMI-Metrolina in good standing.
  • Must be coachable and willing to receive professional development, guidance, and actionable skills related to project management.
  • Must have specific professional goals for which guidance, planning, and realization can be obtained.
  • Must be a working professional, a current project management student, or a student that has successfully completed a project management program within the two years.

We are now enrolling for the next program cycle. Sign up quickly as space is limited.

For a complete listing of the criteria for selection as well as a link to apply, please visit the Mentorship page under the PMI Metrolina website by clicking the link here: PMI Metrolina Mentorship Program.



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